David Mittag  2009-2011




Last Version 1.24


- Airport Code now also accepted in lower case

(Program now also works if you have deactivated under Settings/General/Keyboard the Auto-Capitalization function, which deactivated also the Auto-Capitalization in Air Milage Calculator)



Air Milage Calculator


A tool which calculates the distance between airports around the world. So you can check how much frequent traveler miles you will get for your flight.


- Up to 3 flight legs
- Options for Class and Status Bonus
- Option for Minimum Miles
- Choose between One-Way and Round-Trip
- Distance in Miles or Kilometer
- copy "Total Miles" with one button into the pasteboard
- shake-to-clear function (clears app to default settings)
- default settings can be changed under your iPhones "Settings"
- shows flight legs on a world map (iPad only)
- native iPad support (Universal Application)

- English and German language supported

- iOS4 supported